by Arcane Haven

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released September 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Arcane Haven Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Arcane Haven is a metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consisting of vocalist Dan Roble, guitarist/vocalist Brad Brunazzi, drummer Arnold Hullenbaugh, and bassist Mike Steinmiller. The band previously released two EPs titled Alignment and Passages in 2011 and 2013, respectively, and are currently finishing their full length debut, planned for an early 2017 release. ... more

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Track Name: Outer Heaven
Oh, they'll come in numbers
And faithfully we will be faithless
At the end of the world
Where is our savior?
Where is our savior?

There is no peace or
To keep us in control

Is this the way we go
As cowards in a lion's den?

(We are one)
We stand
(But not alone)
(In the end)
At the end of it all
To show the world that we're alive

(We are one)
We stand
(But not alone)
(In the end)
At the end of it all
To show the world that we can fight
We are alive

This is no rapture, this is eradication
The crowds gather, our fate arrives
Like fallen angels coming down from the sky
To exterminate the likes of our kind
So much for talks of peace
When greeted by so much hostility

Black skies
Burning bodies
Cities in ruin
The carnage neverending
A planet laid to waste

We stand together
At the end of it all
There's nowhere to go
No place to call home

With nowhere to go
No place to call home
Track Name: Through The Fog
Do you recall
A time in life when everything felt wrong?
And the path forward was shrouded in uncertainty
But to return
Was a choice for the most spineless of cowards

I know these places all too well
I've seen them, been caught in their undertow
And now I'm left with the memories
Awareness of my abilities

I am my own master
And no one can take that from me
I control my future
And not a single thing in this world
Can stop me

Do you recall a time
When everything felt wrong?
And the path of the righteous man
Is often the most unsound
But better traveled
Than to be gone unfound

This is a call to the lost
To those seeking an easy out
I've been in your shoes
I've shared your affliction

I know (I know)
That your heart is feeling empty
(On your way down)
Longing for something (I know)
To restore the life within
And rebuild

And as the words move into focus
And they paint the picture clear
I know that the answers will appear
And guide you through the fog

I am my own master

The answers will appear
And guide you through the fog
Track Name: The Waters
I see it happening
Right before my eyes

I've never been the type
To let words affect me
Or to give into verbal warfare
Of malicious intent and purpose
It's a vicious cycle
Of hungry egos feasting on
The weaknesses of those
Too uncertain to stand up for their beliefs

Hear me now
This is our battle cry
Hold your ground
This is our call to arms

How can a heart so hollow
Sink like it's made of stone?
How can a soul so empty
Feel so full of hope?
I could drown in my own misery
Or keep my head above the waters
This body is just a vessel
In a sea of treachery

How can you think of no one else
When you place the weight of the world
On their unwelcoming shoulders

I will shake
This looming shadow of persistence
And emerge as the peering light
Of a new day
Track Name: Vis Vires
I feel the color draining from my face
As if I've seen a ghost
In place of my existence
In urgency, I look to my reflection
Only to see myself
As pale as the white noise that deafens me

This cannot be (this cannot be)
Is this the other side
Should I fear that there's no turning back?
Is this the end? (Is this the end?)
I feel the cold embrace
An icy touch that slithers down my spine

And I won't give in
I'll summon up the strength to overcome
I'm here, still holding on
To everything that I hold close (and I know)
And I know I have the strength to overcome
To overcome
I will prevail

I hear the siren song, and though it sounds so sweet
I know it's tempting, but I know where I should be
I will press on
I just can't let it all slip away
And like the flick of a brush
I splash the color back onto my canvas

Is this reality?
Is this the other side?
Through struggle I'll make it back alive
And though it seems I'm at wit's end
My will is burning deep within
I feel the warmth return to me
Track Name: The Shores Of Cinnabar
The words of an elder man
From the city of the earth
Imparts his secret
To debilitate all opposition

With fear of weakness
This knowledge drives me mad
I grow obsessed to satiate
My appetite for strength

I will be
The master of lands amongst the sea

I travel to the land
Where the fire meets the tide
On the wings of progress
The shores appear before my eyes

I surf the coast
In a quest for opulence
I bag my spoils
With no regard to consequence

I drift before a faceless entity
A creature void of true persona
And gain my bounty through the beast
That holds the key to power

The shores have washed into
It's flowing into me
It's pouring over me
It's flowing
The shores have washed into me

It's flowing into me
It's pouring over me
The shores have washed into me
Track Name: Afterimage
We are the future
We are the in between
We are the generation
Of future kings and queens
And when we die
The choices that we've made
Become the monuments
Of every legacy

I will defy
The false pretense
Of this society
I will defy
The limits placed
On my mortality

We are the future
We are the in between
And we will never fade
Fade away

Our voices carry on
Their echos carry us

But in life
We tend to be near-sighted
And often times neglect
What lies beyond our vision
What I wouldn't give
For another hour in my day
Another day in my week
Another year, another life

And when we reach the end of our time
What will we have left behind?
An empty book full of vacant pages
Or tell the story of our lives?

There's no rest for the crown
There's no rest for the crown

If I could live forever
Could I ever keep being me?
Because I can't even keep my mind
From wondering all of the time